5 Good Reasons Why You Need A Destination Management Company

africa adventure consultants: 5 good reasons why you need DMC

Planning for a holiday, more so an out-of-town corporate event can be a demanding task, especially if you have minimal to zero knowledge about the destination. Thanks to the Destination Management Company (DMC), planning can be easier, faster and better. However, what if you have an event planner of your own?

Furthermore, what if you are a keen traveler and you have online resources like blogs and travel forums to use as references? Well, a Destination Management Company is what you would like to call “local talents”.

This means their information is more accurate and up-to-date, plus the experience planning for all kinds of events and holidays is very expansive.

Here are 5 good reasons why you need a Destination Management Company:


destination management company - Immense local expertise

1: Immense local expertise

Being immersed in the local environment and exposed to how it really is in that country, region or place, Destination Management Company can guarantee comprehensive knowledge with regards to accommodation, activities, venues, what each local areas can offer to make your event special and even the secret gems of the place!

With this in-depth knowledge and experience, Destination Management Company is sure to provide the best suppliers fit for your specific requirements. We also know who has the best service for the best cost.

Which park is best for viewing herds of elephants? Which place is conducive for team building events? What is the best travel route to go from this place to that? You may not be so sure, your event planner may even take a lot of time and effort to research it, but DMCs? We already know it – every nook and cranny of our focused destinations.

destination management company has strong connection with suppliers

2: Strong ties with local suppliers

When it comes to event planning, relationships with suppliers is a critical factor. Luckily, Destination Management Company maintains impeccable relationships with these suppliers, providing you higher chances of getting the best prices, flexibility and amazing on-site assistance.

destination management company has Impressive creativity

3: Impressive creativity

With years, even decades, of experience under their belts, Destination Management Company is able to create something that will wow your guests, company, and yourself. DMCs can find multiple ways to design an unforgettable holiday/event while staying within your budget. Moreover, we will always make sure that every little thing goes smoothly and contracts are fulfilled.

destination management company have Comprehensive care – even in a crisis

4: Comprehensive care – even in a crisis

Mishaps can be inevitable. We’ve heard of it – holidays have gone wrong, weather issues, unexpected location problems, etc. But with a Destination Management Company, you’ll never be left on your own and “taking care of you” doesn’t end after booking.

Whether it’s as simple as a piece of luggage getting lost, connecting flights getting delayed, or even solving sudden issues affecting your itinerary, DMCs will be there for you! We are here to help provide solutions and alternatives.

Destination Management Company can even organize alternative travel arrangements when needed. Here are some of the extending-a-hand things DMCs can do:

  • change hotels
  • change flight arrangements
  • book a day trip to break work monotony
  • travel to the meeting or social destinations safely late at night
  • pick up dry cleaning at short notice
  • locate additional IT support at your conference venue
  • book catering.

There are really a lot of things to consider, read this comparison – Tour Operator VS Travel Agent VS DMC. Mistakes may be easily made if you don’t have someone dedicated to project management of travel plans.

destination management company - Understand your relationship with your clients/team

5: Understand your relationship with your clients/team

With this in mind, the Destination Management Company will make sure to extend all information and alternatives to you therefore, you can provide these things to your client as well as your team. Example of things that we, DMCs, do is to check the venue ahead and even provide you photos and details.

At the same time, DMCs ensures exemplary planning and execution and also allows you to build up your relationship with your client and the team as well.

Looking for peace of mind for your future travels or corporate events here in Africa? Let African DMC take this task off your plate! Feel free to contact us to get started.

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