Kitulo National Park

The God’s Garden The park’s history extends back to 1870, when the region was visited by Fredrick Elton, an explorer. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization for Wheat and Sheep Schemes occupied a huge region in the 1960s. In 1972 the property was repurposed into a farm for diaries, as no wheat or sheep grew […]

Katavi National Park

Discover the Untouched Wildness The Katavi National Park, which was once a game reserve in the western portion of Tanzania, was created in 1974. It was 1823km2 at first It was increased to 4,471km2 in 1997. In 1997. The park is 40 kilometers to the south of the town of Mpanda which is after Ruaha […]

Ruaha National Park

“Explore the Wondering Nature” One of the most remarkable wilderness areas in the country.It is the second largest national park in Southern Central Tanzania and has an area of 20,226 During the dry season, animals are brought to the Great Ruaha River and other water sources when watching the wildlife at their best. The […]