Mahale Mountains National Park

“The magical Chimps trekking Paradise” The oldest and deepest lakes in the world lie in Lake Tanganyika, a pristine remote park, Mahale National Park, where chimpanzees, jungles, and mountains are the greatest known population. You are pleased to visit the park, as you have an opportunity to drive a game, see chimpanzees, hike, dive, and […]

Gombe National Park

Home to the Chimpanzee Among these is the Gombe National Park. Tanzania is home to some genuinely wild regions. As a game reservation, Gombe’s natural significance was recognized in 1943. Following Dr. Jane Goodall’s groundbreaking inquiry in 1960—declared to be the world’s longest-running primate study—Gombe gained notoriety. In 1968, the preservation status was raised to […]

Rubondo Island National Park

The green pearl in blue waters The formal National Park of Rubondo Island was in 1977. For both migratory birds and fish species, Tilapia and the Nile perch, it is an important breeding habitat as it was the sole well-protected and conserved area in the waters of Lake Victoria for a long time. The park […]