Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu Hills National Park, Kenya

Chyulu Hills National Park

A magical land of black frozen lava studded with blazing red-hot poker trees and shoals of extinct volcanoes wreathed in dense forest abs hung with Spanish moss. The Chyulu hills coil a sleeping dragon on the lion-gold plains of his treasure.

The pink haloed peak of Mount Kilimanjaro rises to the west and all around stretch the mirage miles of Maasai land, dusty, dry and stalked by scarlet cloaked herders and dust plumed cattle. The Park comprises the eastern flanks of Chyulu Hills including about half the forest area. Its boundary runs down the center of the hills along the lines of the peaks. The remaining western portion of the hills is part of the west Chyulu Game Conservation Area. It is also owned by several Maasai Group ranches.

Chyulu Hills National Park is popular for its adventurous hiking and different exciting activities.

Here are some of those must-try activities to engage in:

  • Kisula Caves Lava Tubes experience

Get the chance to have a personal encounter with the Kisula Caves complex – the deepest known lava tube caves in the world. Starting from the park entrance, you will be thrilled as you have to have a 15km hike through the rugged wilderness.

  • Breathtaking View of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Sight-seeing

Witness the beautiful view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and other splendid African landscapes.

  • Horseback riding

Witness other wildlife while having a horseback riding. Explore the area while having this experience and get to witness other another in their respective environment.

  • Wildlife Watching

Have some personal encounter with a variety of wildlife including the endangered eastern black rhino, cheetah, antelopes and other wildebeests. After the tiring and full of adventure day, you can relax and have a night stay with various campsites and lodges offered by the park.


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