Events That DMCs Handle in Africa

Have you ever tried planning for an event that will take place outside of your city or country and you opt to hire an event planner to take care of all the details? More often than not, people assume that event planners are the ultimate solution to ANY event. Like it’s a “one-stop shop” of some sort. But did you know there’s actually a subclass of event planners who specialize in location-specific events? Destination Management Companies, or DMCs for short, do a litany of things: supplier management, event or program design, organizing corporate events in africa, transportation services, logistics, etc. Its benefits range from local expertise to topnotch facilities and personalized service.

African DMC, one of the leading DMCs in Africa, has helped hundreds of customers celebrate various types of occasion in several places in Africa. We seek to create one-of-a-kind experiences for our clients, on-point programs and events that exhibit identity.

Here are the most common events that DMCs handle in Africa:


corporate events in africa

Corporate events

A lot of companies celebrate corporate events in Africa for many good reasons: change of scenery, iconic topographies, unique experiences, exotic coastal areas, authentic adventures, etc. Luckily, DMCs can handle these events and at the same time make sure the company’s goals are met. Corporate events can be in a form of conference, meeting, product launch, company party or retreat and many more. From the initial planning stage down to hotel sourcing, meeting management, executing of innovative programs and making sure each guest is having a great time, DMCs are dedicated to providing exemplary experiences.


Team building activities

Team building activities are done to foster company advancement and camaraderie among employees. And nothing beats a team building activity set in paradise, don’t you think? So if you are aiming to create remarkable memories, foster lasting bonds, provide unique opportunities and best of all, develop unforgettable experiences, Africa is really the place to go. With a DMC to handle this occasion, you will be sure to have a program that’s tailor-made to your needs, style and budget. So let nature be your playground. Hiking, hot air ballooning, survivor coursing, canoeing, racing, treasure hunting, paintball chasing and a plethora more indoor and outdoor activities await!


corporate events in africa

Wedding & Honeymoon

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular today. But while destinations like Europe, Maldives and the Americas are flocked by many, the newest trend these days is exotic. Something fresh, raw, uncommon, unforgettable… and that’s Africa. With a rise in couples looking into spending their honeymoon and/or holding their wedding ceremonies in Africa, DMCs are the perfect go-to organizers.


Private parties

Whether it is a party for a birthday, a reunion, a family affair, a friends’ fun and adventure soiree, a debut or any other type of party, DMCs can guarantee memorable experiences and events to remember.


corporate events in africa

Travel Motives/Incentives

Companies have incentives program that give travel incentives to employees who have exceptionally reached certain quotas or metrics, made exemplary efforts for company advancement, or acquired great achievement in his/her field. Travel incentives are an excellent choice for reward as this provides the awardee opportunities of a lifetime, something that cannot be easily forgotten and treasured more than money. This scheme is also wise as it fosters success, engagement and motivation to reach goals.

Africa is a wonderful choice for travel incentives because the country offers adventures that are not only hard to forget but also wild and something one cannot just experience elsewhere. Africa is also one of the most exotic places in the world that many people only dream about. A travel incentive to this part of the world can certainly be a dream-come-true.


Holiday Parties

Festive celebrations can’t take place without creative entertainment activities and with destination parties becoming a trend, more and more companies (and even other groups or organizations) are now holding events, including holiday parties, in Africa. Whether it’s for a traditional holiday, a religious holiday, and many more. DMCs will ensure all attendees will have a fun, relaxing and utterly memorable time.


corporate events in africa

Choose African DMC.

There are a lot of events that DMCs handle. But why choose African DMC for your next African event?

✔️ Our service is very personalized and wide-range. We can offer well-maintained vehicles for ground transportation, hotel accommodation, translation services, consulting, event management, and airplane charters throughout Africa.

✔️ We cooperate with international organizations all around the world and with local public and private organizations in Africa.

✔️ We provide tailor-made solutions to businesses and individuals.

✔️ We pride ourselves with reputable suppliers in the travel and tourism industry. Not only can we promise our clients the best value for their money, we also guarantee the best quality service.

Let African DMC arrange your next trip and travel through Africa with peace of mind and cost savings. African DMC, the friendly, economical, and professional event and travel organizer in Africa also offers amazing safari packages such as these:


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