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The Katavi National Park, which was once a game reserve in the western portion of Tanzania, was created in 1974. It was 1823km2 at first It was increased to 4,471km2 in 1997. In 1997. The park is 40 kilometers to the south of the town of Mpanda which is after Ruaha and Serengeti the third largest national park in Tanzania.

Diverse tourism activities are offered to visitors during their stay to the park. Nature Walking Safaris (Short Walking Safaris (SWS), Long Walking Safaris (LWS), Picnic, Campering, Birding, Bush Food, Night Game Drive, Hiking and Game Viewing are all activities.

View of the game

This event takes place between 06:30 and 18:30 HRS, no extra charge for this activity. It is suggested to drive four wheel (4X4) cars.

Safari for a long stroll (Chorangwa Hiking Trail)

Long safari walking (Chorangwa Hiking Trail) It takes more than 5 hours, across 10 kilometers.

Short safari walking (Sitalike Walking Trail)

It takes around three hours to take a short walking safari (Sitalike Walking Trail) from 1 to 9 km long.


It includes around 450 bird species, ranging from turkey group horns through little sun birds. Katavi offers a remarkable diversity of bird life.

Katavi National Park
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