Kitulo National Park

The God's Garden

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The park’s history extends back to 1870, when the region was visited by Fredrick Elton, an explorer. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization for Wheat and Sheep Schemes occupied a huge region in the 1960s. In 1972 the property was repurposed into a farm for diaries, as no wheat or sheep grew in the region.

On 16September 2005, sections of the farm, Livingstone and Nhumbe Forest Reserves were declared Kitulo National Park because of concerns expressed by conservation organisations and different stakeholders.

Kitulo attractions

The park’s interesting places are often visited by tourists, due to its natural and cultural importance, its historic importance, its natural or constructed beauty, and giving relaxation, adventure and fun.The park contains large stretches of rolling, rounded hills, rivers and crater lakes that extend out into the horizon.

Plateau Kitulo

Three main types of plants define the plateau:

• Well drained grassland with species like Aster transaniesis, Kniphofia and others on volcanically soiled soils.

• In unreleased bogs with flora like Lobelia and Gladiolus seasonally or permanently.

• Rocky ridges and related slopes on the soil deriving from metamorphic rocks of species such as Moraea calledista and Romulea compañeros.

Kitulo National Park
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