Nyerere National Park

"The Land of the Mighty Rufiji"

Tanzania Destinations - Nyerere National Park

This is the biggest national park in Africa! The 30.893km2 park has the largest wildlife concentration in the world. The park has an extraordinary dimensions. The wildlife collection is truly remarkable in terms of diversity and richness. Visitors will see amazing numbers of uncommon and common animals in this huge refuge.

The park houses the famed “Big Five” and some rare antiquities, like as Roan Antelope, Brindled Gnu, Lichtenstein Hartbest, Roan, Kudu and many more!


National Park of Nyerere has many things to enjoy to visitors. The Park is also famous for its five large, high concentrations of elephants and hips, among its biggest attractions. The Rufiji River is full of animals, the largest population of wild African dogs. The park has wonderful scenery that adds to the charm of this majestic spot.

The river Rufiji, Myriad oxbows and lakes

The Rufiji is the biggest river in East Africa. It runs through the northern section of the Park and this slowly moving and large river creates numerous oxbow lakes on its northern floodplains and forests mixed with water spread.

Rufiji power spills into the Indian Ocean with its famous hippo and crocodil population. The river is a picturesque area and is a popular destination for travelers.

Wide African Wild Dog Populations

In Nyerere African dogs flourish, unlike most in the rest of the world.

Indeed, the park features African hunting dog’s last actual stronghold in Africa. Although this kind is severely endangered and observed in a few regions, Nyerere offers visitors the opportunity to see it.

Highest hippos and crocodile concentration

Rufiji River is home to a lot of hippos and crocodiles in the Nyerere National Park.

Various life of birds

Bird life is diverse and prolific at Nyerere National Park. It has recorded more than 440 bird species! The oxbow lakes and waterways house these species on sand banks. The uncommon species of white-backed heron and peel owls reside in the wooded part of the riverbank.

Antelopian Rare Species

Apart from being very famous for elephants, nyasaland gnu, eland, larger kudu, waterbock, hartebeest, zebras, giraffe, reedbock, warthog, hyena, leopard, hunts, as well as the largest populations of buffalo in Africa, Nyerere has a wide range of games including: brindled gnu, Nyasaland gnu, hunted gnus, sand antelope, eland, hunting dog.

Nyerere National Park
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