Ruaha National Park

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Tanzania Destinations - Ruaha National Park

One of the most remarkable wilderness areas in the country.
It is the second largest national park in Southern Central Tanzania and has an area of 20,226 During the dry season, animals are brought to the Great Ruaha River and other water sources when watching the wildlife at their best. The name Ruaha was taken from “Luhava” which means the big river.

Attractions of the park

Ruaha not only enjoys plenty of wildlife, but the stunning, ever changing countryside gives the entire trip a magical touch. Baobabs dot the rocky mountains, the pleasant green shade along the river, the broad grassy plains.

This is the region where both the smaller and bigger Kudu can be seen because it is the most southern boundary in the African continent of the Lesser Kudu.

Sable and Roan antelope, Hartebeest of Lichtenstein, Topi, Bohor and south reedbuck are also available and are the most southentic limit of Grants Gazelle.

In addition, Ruaha has a healthy Wild Dog population and a healthy population, including all other species, Lions, Cheetah and Buffalo and Elephant.

Ruaha National Park
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