Rubondo Island National Park

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The formal National Park of Rubondo Island was in 1977. For both migratory birds and fish species, Tilapia and the Nile perch, it is an important breeding habitat as it was the sole well-protected and conserved area in the waters of Lake Victoria for a long time.

The park is situated near Geita, about 150 km (95 miles) west of Mwanza, in the south-western corner of Lake Victoria. The Victoria Lake is the world’s second largest lake. The park comprises 456.8 square kilometers, of which 236.8 square kilometres, and the water of 220 square kilometers includes 11 small, varied islets.

The dense forest covering about 80 percent of the park provides a wide variety of habitats for the native wildlife, such as Sitatunga, hippos, bush bucks, velvet monkeys, genet cats, crocodiles etc. Sharing ecological niches with chimps, elephants, giraffes, white and black common monks, seabirds, and African grey parrots. The wildlife is very diverse.


National Park of Nyerere has many things to enjoy to visitors. The Park is also famous for its five large, high concentrations of elephants and hips, among its biggest attractions. The Rufiji River is full of animals, the largest population of wild African dogs. The park has wonderful scenery that adds to the charm of this majestic spot.

Rubondo Island National Park
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