Tanzania Beach Holidays

The Tanzania Coast

Beach your getaway to East Africas finest sandy beaches and historic places The perfect place to round off a dusty and adventurous safari on the Tanzanian.

Tanzania Beach Holidays

East Africa’s coastlines are lapped by the Indian Ocean, providing lovely beaches. Dreamy beaches can be found along the magnificently blue and delightfully warm Indian Ocean. The islands and mainland’s beautiful, white, powdery coral sands are encircled by a sea abounding with vibrant marine life. These are stunning beaches that are the perfect accompaniment to the excitement and adventure of a Tanzania safari..

Tanzania Beaches and Zanzibar

What better place to go on vacation than one of the most famous islands in the world that is also recognised as a paradise? Zanzibar, which is only twenty minutes east of Dar es Salaam, forty minutes from the Selous, and now just two hours from the Serengeti thanks to a new rapid service from Coastal Aviation, is home to ninety percent of Tanzania’s beach hotels.

The coral reef that surrounds the majority of the island provides protection for Zanzibar’s stunning beaches, many of which stretch for kilometres and feature powdery white sand. There are private parts of unspoiled sand, working beaches where dhow fishermen leave their boats, secret coves, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are vast stretches of sand with sunbeds as far as the eye can see (which our customers normally avoid!). Everyone will be able to discover something that they like about this place.

The extreme northern and southern parts of the island are the only parts of the island that have beaches that are accessible from the western section of the island. The Residence is the first lodge or hotel worth mentioning as you walk around the coast of Zanzibar in a counterclockwise direction beginning at Stone Town. It is located on the western side of Zanzibar’s southernmost tip. The beaches in this area are generally composed of little coves that are encircled by sheer cliffs. While these beaches are satisfactory, there are other beaches in the area that are superior.

A beach that is almost completely continuous extends almost the whole length of the east coast of the island, from the south of the island to the lower half of the east coast, and almost all the way to the Michamvi Peninsula. This beach on Zanzibar is considered to be among the greatest in some locations, while other beaches on the island are considered to be among the best in other sections. This area is home to a great number of first-rate lodges, including several of our favourites located farther to the north. The small town of Paje, located roughly in the middle of the south-eastern coast, has emerged as a major centre for kite surfing in recent years.

As one travels through Chwaka Bay toward the top portion of the eastern shore, one will see that the beaches of Kiwengwa and Matemwe predominate in the area. Kiwengwa is home to a few of the island’s most luxurious resorts; nonetheless, you should steer clear of this town at all costs! On the other hand, Matemwe is a breathtaking stretch of sand that is home to a number of luxurious boutique resorts.

Nungwi is a small settlement that can be found on the northernmost tip of Zanzibar, which is generally agreed upon as being the most stunning region of the island. This formerly peaceful fishing village is now a bustling travel destination thanks to the presence of several wonderful lodgings to the east and a vibrant backpacker’s area to the west.

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Tanzania beach holidays

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