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Family & kid friendly safaris

Tanzania family safari is a fantastic way to introduce your children to the outdoors and wildlife without having to worry about them getting bored on a conventional safari adventure. The purpose of family safaris is to keep everyone interested and enthusiastic about seeing wildlife and birds.

Tanzania Family & kid friendly safaris

The key to getting the most out of your vacation expenditure is creating an itinerary that will keep your kids engaged and awake the entire time. And that is exactly what we can offer.

Children under the age of five on safari

When planning a family safari for children, it’s important to know which activities to include and which to leave out in order to maximize animal sightings while also keeping kids engaged and happy.

Infants and kids under five are not advised to go on a safari. Most places aren’t made for babies or toddlers, and the hot weather and dusty game drives could make your baby feel quite nervous.

On a Tanzania family safari, less is more.

When we organize family safaris, the day is split into two sections. During an early-morning game drive, your guide will concentrate on wild cats and other fascinating larger species to peak your kids’ interest. The tour guide will be able to engage the kids and communicate with them throughout the drive, keeping their interest. To keep the kids engaged and content, we advise keeping driving distances as short as possible or, at the absolute least, breaking up the day with a few fascinating stops.

In the second half of the day, we introduce a task that is performed outside the car. People are easily interested by taking a quick stroll, participating in an animal footprint identification activity, or participating in a game tracking activity. Both kids and adults will enjoy cultural excursions on safari since they offer a welcome change of pace.

How to keep the kids interested on a family safari

Allow your kids to use binoculars to look for animals and birds after teaching them how to use them. Checklists for animals and birds are offered to help the kids keep track of what they have seen and what they are still looking for.

Take the family to the beach to swim and play after your wildlife safari. We can simply include a beach vacation into your family safari because Tanzania has so many fantastic beach options.

Options for a safari with kids in terms of hotel and dining

Because they let youngsters eat and drink anything they want (and as much as they want), buffet accommodations are a family safari favorite because they keep kids’ spirits up and stomachs full. With so few food options available to them, a la carte dining might be somewhat limiting for kids.

Each family is different. Contact us, and we’ll work with you to plan the ideal family safari for you and your children.

Custom designed Family & kid-friendly safaris in Tanzania, Let’s Go!

Sounds good? Now it’s time to start planning your Family & kid friendly safaris. Contact one of our travel experts to get the process started.