Tanzania Horseback Safaris

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Tanzania Horseback Safaris

View Tanzania’s wildlife from the horse.

For novice and experienced riders alike, as well as the young and the young at heart, a horseback safari in Tanzania is so much more than just a ride through the bush. It’s a fully unique and all-encompassing wildlife safari experience. While riding a horse, the Tanzanian terrain completely envelops you and allows you to see the tranquil yet harsh world of the continent’s wildlife.

Tanzania Horseback Safaris

What benefits can you expect from a horseback safari?

When most people think of a safari in Tanzania, they typically picture olive-green Land Rovers trundling noisily across plains of wavering grass or possibly hot-air balloons gliding silently above the gathered herds of the Serengeti. But a stallion galloping with rumbling hooves and labored breathing across dazzling salt flats? It is quite unlikely.

Considering this, Tanzania is emerging as one of the best places in the world for horseback riding excursions, offering top-notch guides, gorgeous wilderness lodges, and, of course, the chance to see the Big 5 up close.

The obvious difference between a typical safari and a horseback safari is that you won’t experience the predictable acceleration of a pedal to the floor or the roar of a Land Rover engine under your boots. In addition to being a much “greener” way to go through the wilderness, this method will allow you to interact with wildlife rather than just view it.

If you’re looking for the ultimate adventure and absolute absorption in nature, a horseback safari in Tanzania is the way to go.

In Tanzania, where can you go on a horseback safari?

Many people wouldn’t visit Tanzania any other way and are choosing horseback safaris as an alternative to other kinds of safaris. Here are some of our top picks for horseback safari locations in Tanzania.

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