Rwenzori Mountains National Park

A Uganda Safari that features the Rwenzori National Park provides a memorable and rewarding experience but inorder to have a smooth flow it should be Well planned and every tour must be well prepared. The central hike circuit can take about six nights/seven days and then reaches an altitude of 14,000ft(4,267m) above the sea level.

Conditions on this mountain are quite challenging even to an experienced hiker as mountain Rwenzori is well known for its steep, un-engeneered, and slippery trails with frequent rainfall and cold temperatures, fog, muddy, steep terrain with a high altitude.

Despite this its worth a try due to the exciting experience you will attain.Its dry period includes July-August, December-February and so its relatively dry for inexperienced hikers.

At all seasons its reccomended that one should have a raingear, a good sleeping bag,a warm hat,pairs of gloves, heavy socks, gum boots, gaiters and a walking stick for easy balance and support are plus a basic first aid kit.

Porters stay around the mountain thus help visitors carry their heavy equipments and food, leaving one with a small pack, rain gear, warm clothes, camera, water and any other light luggage for an enjoyable experience.

One can purchase their own food and Rwenzori mountaineering service can provide cooking utensils and cooks to help in preparing it.