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Tanzania is a land of legends, a land where game-filled plains blend into the horizon and where wildlife still enjoys relative freedom of movement.

Tanzania, indeed! Nature’s beauty is unfathomable in words… Any attempt at description appears hollow and insignificant in comparison to the splendour and variety of this wilderness. Consider peaceful herds of elephants grazing along a riverbank. You are not hallucinating; you are in Tarangire national park! Raise your head and widen your eyes and ears: the Ngorongoro conservation area is home to 400 different bird species. Lift your head again and you’ll notice Mount Kilimanjaro. It was once a myth, but the Machame route now makes it possible to reach it in six days! Return to the Serengeti plains. Tanzania’s oldest and, without a doubt, most popular national park: Hundreds of thousands of zebras, gazelles, and gnus are found here each year in search of greener pastures. Elephants, giraffes, and elk are perpetually on the move…
Your tailor-made holiday to Tanzania will include more than just natural wildlife. Additionally, it includes encounters with distinctive ethnic groups, such as the Maasai, a proud semi-nomadic people. Tanzania is also a place to unwind and unwind along Zanzibar’s magnificent beaches.
Whether travelling in luxury or a tent, on a safari with friends or your honeymoon, a trip to Tanzania is a dream come true!

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