Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Zanzibar Island is known as the Spice Island or the stunning island of Zanzibar of Africa’s east coast is stuffed with rich culture and history, apparently at probabilities with its tranquil natural features of different beaches and calm sea breeze.

Zanzibar, ah Zanzibar – pure bliss…Africa’s very sexy appendage – Zanzibar. One of several islands off Tanzania’s coast, this former spice centre simply oozes exotica and scented Persian bath water. The island offers excellent diving, snorkelling and interesting sights and sounds. The beaches, the food, the people, the architecture…Zanzibar lies ready to be explored and discovered.

The island isn’t only home to beautiful tropical beaches, but also has an interesting history. Many travelers who visit Zanzibar can also take a trip to Tanzania to take part in a safari. Zanzibar beach holiday offers some excellent snorkeling and world-class diving perfect if you’re not a water enthusiast. Zanzibar’s beaches vary, however, almost all highlight translucent waters touching the border of fine white sand that filters all the way through the toes.

Top Activities to do in Zanzibar Beach


  • While enjoying the spectacular view of the beach, you can indulge on several fun activities with and beach sports with your family and friends. Aside from enjoying your leisure time, you can bond with your loved ones.


  • Enjoy and take advantage of the clean and bluish water on Zanzibar beach. You can as well enjoy the most beautiful coral reefs and watch out for the lovely tropical fish species. Snorkeling is also a must-try!

Bar on the beach

  • Have a sip of the best local drinks and cocktails of different flavors. The bar is also perfect to hang out with your friends especially when you all enjoy music!

Scuba Diving

  • One of the best activities to try is scuba diving. Discover the lovely world underneath the sea. Don’t worry for first timers, you will be trained and properly guided for your safety.

Kite Surfing

  • This surface water activity will let you experience refreshing surf along the gentle waves of Zanzibar beach.

Acrobatics and Capoeira on the Beach

  • Before sunset, there will be local boys performing acrobatics and capoeira on the beach. The seaside will then be circled with people watching the amazing performances.

Sunrise Watch

  • Catch the sunrise and watch it happen on east coast of Zanzibar.